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“As a special present I thought I’d share a beautiful moment of worship as I stepped out to lead worship from the keys” -Taya Smith

Have you ever been in this type of moment and the wrong thing happens?  I can feel the sweat start to pop out just watching this video.  I feel as though I have had many of these moments.  A huge thanks to Hillsong Worship for posting this and reminding us that we are all human and sometimes crazy things happen.

Have you had something like this happen?  How did you respond?

Leading through Brokeness

On December 23, 2014, My wife, Marybeth Perkins was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.  Recently we sat down and talked about her journey for the All About Worship Podcast.  You can listen here to episode 162 on “Leading Through Brokenness”. I encourage you to listen and then share with someone who may be walking through a season of brokenness, whether it be physical, spiritual or anything else.


Marybeth Perkins | Leading Through Brokenness

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