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It was 2 years ago that I started Leaders In Worship with the vision to equip, connect and develop leaders in worship ministry.  During that time, we have had thousands of downloads in over 50 countries.


Matt Perkins | All About Worship

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Leaders In Worship – Final Episode

I was recently talking with my friend Wisdom Moon, who is the founder of All About Worship.com.  Their site is one of the leading worship resources on the web today.  In fact, they received 2013 Editor’s Pick and Reader’s Choice award by Worship Leader Magazine.  We talked about how we have a similar vision and goal in resourcing the local church and assisting worship pastors around the globe.  That conversation led to this announcement today.

I am excited to partner with All About Worship and will be joining Wisdom in regularly hosting their podcast and contributing to the site.  I will host about one podcast per month. I’m thankful for the many loyal listeners of the Leaders In Worship Podcast and ask that you will join me in supporting All About Worship and take advantage of the great resources that is provided on the website at allaboutworship.com.  There, you can subscribe to the podcast, enjoy great articles, reviews and more. We will also make you aware of upcoming conferences, seminars and more.

So you might ask, what is going to happen to the Leaders In Worship Podcast…in the next couple of weeks, you will be directed to all about worship.com.  Select interviews and content will be available on the site in the near future.

I have connected with many of you over the past couple of years and you can continue to reach me by email at matt@leadersinworship.com and would love to assist you in any way possible.

Thanks again…and we’ll see you over at All About Worship.

All About Worship

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  • Maria Bamundo

    Pastor Matt, even though I’m not a worship leader your podcasts were very educational and motivating. As my hunger for God led me to search areas for growth in our church community, I learned much from you. You’ve done an amazing job. Blessings on your steps and projects ahead, and your ministry. To the glory of the Almighty God!.

    Will we still have access to podcasts? I was planning on telling someone about them.