040 – Greg Surratt and 5 Strategies for Equipping Leaders

Greg is the founding pastor of Seacoast Church, one of the early adopters of the multi-site model. Located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Seacoast has been recognized by various media as an innovative and influential thought leader in future strategies for church growth and development.


Pastor Greg Surratt

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Interview with Pastor Greg Surratt, Seacoast Church

Understanding the artist mentality.
An artist/worship leader is not the same as the business manager.

Whatever you need; the answer is in the house!

Culture of Seacoast:
We can’t afford to pay people to do the work of the ministry; we can only afford to pay people who will equip others to do the work of the ministry…that includes the worship pastor.

We must understand it’s about releasing other people into their gifts. Recruiting/training/multiplying

The size of the room dictates the talent level that’s necessary.

As you’re recruiting people, you start them out in a smaller room. Some rooms only need a singer and a guitar.

5 Strategies for Equipping Leaders

1. Encourage:

  • Let them know you believe in them
  • They may not be able to see the gift in them

2. Instruct

  • Let them in on how and why you do what you do
  • Have times of planned and informal instruction

3. Empower

  • Find a safe envirionment for them to experiment
  • Give them room to succeed and fail

4. Evaluate

  • Give them feedback on how they did
  • Look for progress, not perfection!

5. Encourage

  • Yep…I know….it’s #1 and #5!
  • Whether they succeeded or struggled, let them know that you still believe in them!

Greg Surratt

Connect with Pastor Greg:

Website:  www.gregsurratt.org

Twitter: @gregsurratt
Facebook: facebook.com/PastorGregSurratt

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