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Adam began music ministry in his home church at age 16, as part of the worship team. At the age of 19 Adam felt a tug in his heart for full-time music ministry, and with that stepped out on faith with the pursuit of God in mind.  Adam has said, “If I can help raise the bar of worship in a church, by encouraging/mentoring their team, I know it will produce fruit in the congregation which will lead to the community.  Where there are God encounters, there are life changing moments”.

Adam Ranney

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A Few Notable Songs Adam has been a part of writing

  • Light The Way (feat. Israel Houghton) – James Fortune’s CD “Live Through it”
  • A Thousand Miles (feat. Adam Ranney) – Free Chapel’s “Power of the Cross” CD


1. Questions We Ask Ourselves:

  • a. Am I being effective?
  • b. Am I passionate about this (ministry)?

Find what feeds you and then quit starving yourself!

2. Songwriting

  • a. Don’t try and force creativity
  • b. Keep a memo recorder with you always
  • c. Take the time you have available
  • d. Collaborate
  • e. Our Pastors are some of our greatest sources of inspiration.

3. Pastor Relationships

  • a. Do you know his heart (what “floats his boat”)?
  • b. He will reveal his heart in his messages
  • c. Ask the question, “Explain to me what the perfect worship service is to you”.

Adam Ranney

Connect with Adam:

Website:  www.adamranney.org

Twitter: @adamranney
Facebook: facebook.com/adamranney


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