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Stephen Miller serves as worship leader at The Journey in St Louis, MO.  He recently wrote the book, “Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars.  In this book, Miller exhorts his fellow worship leaders to make Jesus the center of all their efforts. He teaches how to do this with scripture, teaching, prayer, story, and song.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

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“Often the motives are mixed. You find yourself wanting to point people to Jesus but also feeling a desire to be noticed and praised, to make yourself the center of attention.”


Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars

“Many people have abandon pastoral ministry for the sake of cool music.”

1. What is our foundational identity?
a. We are worshippers first and foremost.

2. What is the functional role of a worship pastor?


Your Meaningless Ministry


Link to Stephen’s article

1. Dangers of comparison

Comparing yourself with others in ministry is not the way to serve God’s people!

2. You can’t measure fruit of ministry by the world’s standard


  • Work Hard
  • Be Faithful
  • Trust God With the Results


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