031 – Amber Rhoads, Women of Faith Worship Leader [Podcast]

Amber Rhoads  has recently released her new EP, “Broken Beautiful” which features songs that are a testimony to what God has done in her life. She is currently on tour as a worship leader for the Women of Faith Fall 2013 Tour.  In addition, she serves as a worship leader for Gateway Church.

Amber Rhoads

Amber Rhoads

What is bringing you life?  Does ministry give you more life and joy than God does?

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“In every season, Something is going to be healed in us or killed in us”


Amber Rhoads:

Worship Leader | Women of Faith Tour | Gateway Church
Facebook  | Twitter

amber_CDPurchase her new EP, “Broken Beautiful” now!

“It’s about who you are, not what you do!”

“Even in the messiness of life, God can turn it into something beautiful”


Notable Thoughts:

We need to be healthy in ministry, not just effective.

God has assignments for you, not opportunities!

Be genuine in your worship. People can tell if you going through the motions.

Lead from your brokenness.


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