028 – Establishing a Flow in Your Worship Set

We’ve all been there…that awkward start/stop to the worship set.  Waiting for someone to start the next song.  It tends to make everyone feel uncomfortable.  From the platform, to the congregation, and ultimately to the Senior Pastor.



When we spend time in preparation and prayer, we are getting our heart and mind ready for what God wants to do in the service.

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“We plan for the moments, but it’s God who creates them.”


Steps for preparation:

1. Start with the end in mind
2. What elements are needed in the service?
3. Song Selection

A. Theme for service

B. Keys – Are they complimentary, singable?

C. Tempo
Know your tempos

D. Transitions
Avoid “dead air”
Awkward transitions make it uncomfortable for the congregation, as well as your Senior Pastor who has to speak following worship.
Make them as smooth as possible
Give clear cues for whoever is controlling the clicks or when to start the next song
Consider making a medley by using parts of songs that will flow best.

Shalon Palmer
Pad Loops
Mp3 files – 20 minutes in length each.
Playable through iPod, computer
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Tempo (iOS) $1.99 – Available for iOS and Android
Planning Center Online



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  • http://shalonpalmer.tv/ Shalon Palmer

    Awesome stuff!

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    Thanks Shalon! Thanks for taking the time to share about padloops.