016 – Creating a Worship Culture with Mark Groover


Mark Groover – Worship Pastor, Calvary Christian Center


Creating a Worship Culture that will last:

1. It Starts With You

Nothing is going to change unless you do something!

Be what you want to see in your team!

2. Must get a VISION

3. Your Team is Your Biggest Advocate

4. Communicate Consistently

5. Community

6. Teachable Moments

“Preparation doesn’t quench the spirit; it releases it!”

7. Pray

Pray about the kind of worship culture is appropriate for your team

“Pray like it depends on God; work like it depends on you!”


Develop Values:

1. Core

Understanding of worship

2. Character

Our conduct as worshippers

3. Craft

How we hone our skills to operate our craft

4. Chemistry

5. Community

Being part of a family of similar values

Nothing in this world is more exciting than a choir that is passionately and purposefully singing praises to The Lord with energy, expression, enthusiasm, and genuine joy.


• Choirs are Biblical

Throughout scripture, we see the choir at the center of worship.

2 Chron. 20:21-22

2 Chron. 5:12-14

• Choirs maximize the musical gifts of the congregation

Hundreds of churches across America have discontinued their choir ministry, only to be replaced by a small select group.  In the pews sit dozens of faithful members who have been stripped of their opportunity to serve; to use their gifts in worship.

Many churches that have dismissed their choir as being “irrelevant” have realized this and tried to restart the choir with mixed results.  What I see happening quite often is the “larger choirs getting larger,” as committed choir members find a place to serve.

• Choirs are full of ‘everyman’

A worship choir includes a cross-section of generations, cultures, and people.  This is a microcosm of the congregation, and the congregation can relate to these everyday folks who love The Lord and love to sing.  This kind of worship is contagious because it is led by a community of worshipers, not just a few select singers.

If a worship choir is fulfilling its biblical role of passionately leading people into the presence of God, it is one of the most relevant tools God has given the church.


• Be True to your DNA


Imparting Worship Culture to Next

• Create a worship culture that includes the next generation on stage.  We do this on purpose.

• Give them opportunities to lead.

• Be willing to change with the culture.


What are you doing to create a culture of worship?

What are some other ways to create this culture?


If you want your ministry to grow; it first must become healthy!



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